How English is important in Your Everyday Lives

How English is important in Your Everyday Lives post thumbnail image

Do you agree English has captured space in all walks of life?

Whether it’s buying online or in a mall everywhere we see everything written in English.

We live in a state where people speak Magahi, Maithili and Bhojpuri.

But you won’t see these languages being used in any of the shopping malls or even in the price tag of products.

English has captured the space in almost every field.

Most of the time, we feel very shy about not knowing even simple English words.

Though it’s a matter of discussion whether they should use the local language or continue using English.

But one thing is fixed that: we need to learn and understand English.

I have seen several occasions where the job responsibility needs communication in Hindi but we were asked in English during interviews.

Due to the internet, global awareness we can do more jobs online but we need to communicate in English with the people outside India as English is a major spoken language used for communication outside India across the world.

and English Speaking is not as difficult as what we feel.

Because we have been taught in a way where the major focus is on learning grammar and no focus on communication practice.

and we can’t expect that from the teachers who teach through traditional methods.

So, we need to learn with a completely different method that the outside world is using.

And we also need to train teachers so that they can teach students in a completely different way so that they will have less hesitation and more confidence while communicating in English.

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